Ruin bars and clubs

Abandoned buildings from the bombings of WW2, people who survived the bombings would abandon their homes, later communities would gather around in the courtyards of these broken homes, pick out furniture that survived, they would then have drinks and play music to lift their spirits during wartime. They are known for their eclectic decors, artistic design, gardens and courtyard and of course affordable drinks.

Szimpla Kert

The biggest and most popular ruin bar in the city. Since 2002 it has played a significant role in popularizing the ruin pub culture in Budapest. Although expensive for most locals nowadays, it is still a must-see destination.

We recommend having here a few drinks before heading over to a more affordable ruin bar later in the evening.


Now this is a place most locals still love to visit. As it is where the locals go, the drinks are cheap! The place is also packed with arcade/bar games, pool tables, darts, and a dancefloor downstairs!


One of the most beautiful ruin bars in the city and a stone throw away from UdvarRom. This bar is known for its cocktails and good vibes.


The biggest ruin nightclub in the city. It’s a giant, with many rooms that play different genres of music so all will find the room most suited to their taste.


It’s a personal favorite of ours, during the early hours of the night it operates as a bar but just wait until the A.M. when its turns into one of the liveliest nightclubs in the city. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Morrison’s 2

This is a ruin nightclub we recommend you to go to early for cheap unlimited drink options. Wonderfully packed with locals but never too crowded.