Budapest Jazz Club

One of our favourite venues of Budapest, it’s a must visit for all jazz/music fans around. Concerts are happening almost everyday, with late jam sessions several nights. Best Hungarian and gypsy jazz musicians are performing and their kitchen is worth checking out too!


One of our favourite underground ruin bars. Lámpás offers live music almost every night, with several jam sessions and open mic nights happening as well. Best place to be for an aspiring musician or if you just want try yourself out!

If Cafe

A great hole in the wall jazz club in one of the restaurant quarters of Budapest with concerts every night and great cuisine!

Gettó Gulyás

A cozy Hungarian restaurant inside Budapest’s party district, also known as the old Jewish Quarter. The restaurant’s name makes its culinary priorities clear — the short menu features the heart of Magyar cuisine with staples like goulash, chicken and veal paprikash (€10-14), and various seasonal vegetable stews called főzelék. “Gettó” refers to the Jewish ghetto, what this neighborhood became during the winter of 1944, the darkest time of WWII in Budapest.

What to eat: goulash soup, chicken paprikash, stew dishes, Gundel palacsinta, and túrógombóc

Before your meal, you could grab a drink at Szimpla Kert, the world-famous ruin bar just steps from away in Kazinczy Street.

Bors Gasztrobár

Definitely visit this place! Specializing in gourmet sandwiches, often referred to as “soups in bread,” where a variety of fillings and ingredients are enclosed within a freshly baked baguette or bread roll. The menu features a diverse range of sandwiches, both meat-based and vegetarian, showcasing unique flavors and combinations that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Known for its reasonable prices, making it an excellent choice for those looking for tasty, budget-friendly options in Budapest.

It’s a must-visit for food enthusiasts looking to enjoy a quick and satisfying meal with a gourmet twist.

Belvárosi Disznótoros

A traditional Hungarian restaurant located in the heart of Budapest. The name “Disznótoros” translates to “pig slaughter” in English, and it refers to a traditional Hungarian feast that celebrates the butchering of pigs in the winter months. During a Disznótoros event, various pork-based dishes and sausages are prepared and enjoyed.

As seen on Anthony Bourdains visit to Budapest

What to eat: sausages (liver, blood), traditional meat dishes, fried pork


Menza offers a diverse menu that features a mix of Hungarian classics and international dishes. While they pay homage to traditional Hungarian cuisine, you can also find items like burgers, pasta, and salads on their menu. It’s a place where old meets new, blending the nostalgia of Hungarian retro design with modern culinary influences.

The prices at Menza are generally considered to be reasonable and offer good value for the quality of food and the dining experience.

What to eat: beef broth soup, veal paprikash (w/ egg dumplings), pork schnitzel, mákos Guba. Recommended for lunch specials.


Now this is a place most locals still love to visit. As it is where the locals go, the drinks are cheap! The place is also packed with arcade/bar games, pool tables, darts, and a dancefloor downstairs!


It’s a personal favorite of ours, during the early hours of the night it operates as a bar but just wait until the A.M. when its turns into one of the liveliest nightclubs in the city. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Morrison’s 2

This is a ruin nightclub we recommend you to go to early for cheap unlimited drink options. Wonderfully packed with locals but never too crowded.