Aranybástya, also known as Aranyhalász Étterem (Golden Bastion Restaurant), is a well-regarded restaurant located in the heart of Buda Castle.

The restaurant offers a diverse menu that combines traditional Hungarian flavors with international influences. You can expect to find a range of dishes, including Hungarian classics like goulash, chicken paprikash, and beef stew, as well as international options such as grilled meats and seafood.

One of the standout features of Aranybástya is its breathtaking panoramic views of Budapest. The restaurant’s location on Castle Hill provides diners with a remarkable vista, particularly during the evening when the city’s landmarks are beautifully illuminated.

Hungary is known for its wines, and Aranybástya typically offers an extensive wine list featuring a variety of Hungarian wines, including Tokaji and Bull’s Blood (Egri Bikavér), to complement your meal.

What to eat: beef tartar, roasted rose duck breast, pork cheeks, desserts