Szegedi Halászcsárda is famous for serving authentic Hungarian fish dishes, with their fish soup (halászlé) being a particular highlight. Halászlé is a fish soup made from freshwater fish, typically seasoned with paprika and various spices. It’s a beloved dish in Hungary and holds a special place in Hungarian gastronomy.

In addition to their signature fish soup, the menu often includes a variety of fish dishes, such as different preparations of carp and other freshwater fish. You’ll also find a selection of Hungarian appetizers, desserts, and beverages to complement your meal and of course Pálinka, don’t forget the Pálinka. Mátyás Pálinkaház offers some of the best varieties of this Hungarian spirit in the city, make sure to go downstairs for a drink!

What to eat: „Witch Island” style fish soup, mixed fish soup, fried catfish, fish paprikash