Welcome to WannaWalk!

December 25, 2022

We are Robert and Istvan, two independent guides who have taken the initiative to pursue our passions and experience as walking tour guides who share a love for Budapest and want to introduce its beauty and history to visitors from around the world. We are Hungarian natives and have extensive knowledge of the city’s rich culture, architecture, cuisine, and hidden gems.

If you’re planning a trip to Budapest and want to explore the city with knowledgeable and passionate guides, look no further than WannaWalk tours. We can’t wait to share our love for Budapest with you!

Join us and let’s discover Budapest together!

“Our mission at WannaWalk is to provide you with unique and immersive experiences that challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and explore the world in a new way. We believe that walking tours are not just about seeing the sights, but about pushing yourself to try new things, learn about different cultures, and connect with local communities. By seeking discomfort, we aim to create unforgettable memories that inspire out guests to keep exploring and discovering the world around them. Join us on a journey of discovery, one step at a time.”